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Brompton Mudguard Compatibility For All Lines

DOCUMENT- Mudguard compatibility table for all lines

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Brompton T Line And P Line Parts Compatibility With Other Brompton Lines

DOCUMENT- Superlight Brompton parts compatibility table

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Unboxing Or Boxing Your Brompton

GUIDE - How to unbox or box your bike.

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Quickstart Guide - P Line

GUIDE - Check out our guide to get you unboxed and ready to ride. Make sure to bookmark this page to save for later.

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How To Carry Your Brompton

ARTICLE - We recommend to carry your Brompton by the nose of the saddle.

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How Do I Register My Bike As Stolen

ARTICLE - A Stolen bike must be reported to the local police in the first in place.

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Touch-up Paint

ARTICLE - Currently, Brompton does not supply touch-up paint due to restrictions on shipping. However, below is further information on how to find a similar colour paint for your Brompton.

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Does My Bike Come With A Pump

ARTICLE - If your bike comes with a pump varies by model.

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What Is The Recommended Tyre Pressure For My Brompton

ARTICLE - Inflate your tyre to the recommended pressure on the tyre sidewall.

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Paint Finish And Durability

ARTICLE - Paint finish and durability.

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What Are The Gearing, Lighting Options and Tyre Choices

ARTICLE - Refer to spec sheets for full specs of each line.

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What Are The Folded Dimensions Of A Brompton

ARTICLE - The dimensions of a Brompton when folded are 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide (23" x 22.2" x 10.6").

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Can I Use A Trailer With A Brompton

ARTICLE - We are not able to recommend any trailers for the Brompton; none have been tested by us and we are not currently working on bringing such a product to the market.

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How Can I Insure My Brompton

ARTICLE - We have partnered with Bikmo cycle insurance to offer Brompton owners a comprehensive cycle insurance product.

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Can I Retrofit The Electric System To My Existing Brompton

ARTICLE- Our electric system requires changes to several frame components to meet stringent mechanical and electrical safety requirements for electric bicycles, this follows the latest European EN15194 standard law.

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Brompton Frame Hinge Maintenance

ARTICLE- Frame Hinge Maintenance

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Seatpost Sleeve Replacement

ARTICLE- Seatpost Sleeve Replacement

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How Long Should My Frame Last

ARTICLE- How Long Should My Frame Last

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How To Maintain My Cables

ARTICLE- How to maintain my brake and gear cables

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How To Upkeep Your Brompton Headset

ARTICLE- Park tools guide on how to service, replace and remove your Brompton Headset

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Checks You Can Carry Out When Servicing Your Brompton

DOCUMENT- Servicing checks

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Is The Servicing Requirements The Same for Brompton A Line And C Line

ARTICLE- The servicing requirements of the Brompton A Line are nearly the same as for the C Line. However, the C Line has more components and slightly different torque settings.

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Which Part Do I Need To Replace

ARTICLE- Which Part Do I Need To Replace

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Why Are Brompton Frame Parts Brazed

ARTICLE- Why Are Brompton Frame Parts Brazed

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Service And Maintence Schedule For Your Brompton

ARTICLE-Servicing and Maintenace schedule for A,C,P,T, Pre 22, Electric C Line and Electric P Line

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The Brompton Advance 4 Speed Gear System

GUIDE - As with all derailleur systems, the gearing on your 4 speed Brompton will require adjustment from time to time, particularly within the early life of the product when the cable can stretch, to ensure it performs optimally.

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P Line Wheel Nut Corrective Action

ARTICLE - P Line Wheel Nut Corrective Action

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Brompton Advance 4 Speed Cable Tension

ARTICLE- The most common cause of gear issues is that the cable tension is not correctly set; usually caused by 'cable stretch'.

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