Man carrying folded Brompton bike Brompton x Bretmont x Cheaney bike collaboration

Brompton x Bremont x Cheaney

Improving everyday experiences for adventurous spirits was the aim. This, the first in our makers series, celebrates and collaborates with brands crafting beautiful products just a short journey away from our home in London.

To complement a special, limited edition Brompton P Line, Bremont and Joseph Cheaney & Sons have made some exceptional goods: a beautiful watch and a versatile pair of Chelsea boots, respectively. The collection shows a careful consideration for the history of their crafts, but not at the expense of a taste for adventure that only the proper preparation will allow.

*Please note, the Brompton x Bremont x Cheaney Watch and Brompton x Bremont x Cheaney Boot & Belt are not available for sale on the Brompton website, at Brompton Junctions or retailers. Please visit the respective partners' website for more info on how to purchase these items.

About the brands


Built for those with a desire to experience the world firsthand, moving through the city and beyond, there’s Brompton.

Invented in a West London bedroom in 1975, Brompton’s bikes have since unfolded across the globe. Still ingeniously engineered and carefully hand built in London, Brompton offers riders a means of unlocking the city that’s compact, portable, and super fun.

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Bremont was founded in 2002 to craft the world’s most capable tool watches, embodying the unwavering spirit of Britain’s great pioneers. Designed to excel in extremes and relied on by explorers, adventurers, and the military alike, their timepieces are built with precision in the Chilterns, England and comfortable in even the worst conditions.
Close up of Bremont worker holding watch


If the bicycle is a revolution in human-powered transport, there’s only one thing more fundamental: going by foot. Made in England since 1886,

Cheaney is a connoisseur’s choice when it comes to footwear. Acquired in 2009 by Jonathan and William Church, whose family have made fine shoes for five generations, Joseph Cheaney and Sons are as committed now as ever to crafting the finest footwear from their home in Northampton, England.

Cheaney boots on a work station
Man carrying folded Brompton bike Brompton x Bretmont x Cheaney bike collaboration

Brompton x Bremont x Cheaney

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