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The Brompton Fold

The magical engineering. At the heart of every bike.
Invented by our founder Andrew Ritchie in 1975, the Brompton 3-part fold transforms the bike into a small locked package —in under 20-seconds. Never bettered, just refined. It's the original and still the best.
People in different locations with the Brompton bike folded and unfolded

Super simple

The Brompton bike foldedThe Brompton bike unfoldingThe Brompton bike unfolded
The Brompton bike folded


Stores in small places. Light enough to carry.
The Brompton bike unfolding

Rolls and glides

Indoors and out.
The Brompton bike unfolded

Goes anywhere

Around-the-world tours or smile-inducing commutes. With Brompton your options are always open.

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