What to pack on a 3 day trip on your Brompton

The Brompton was built for adventure – whether it’s cycling down the Pacific Coast Route, camping in the Adirondacks, or simply a weekend escape from the city, you need to make sure you’ve got all the essentials before starting your journey.

Inspired by our design team's journeys on their Bromptons, this is a very comprehensive guide - full of the things we wished we remembered!

Cycle Kit

  • Jersey (ideally merino)

  • Bibs – Make sure to practice on long 1-day rides to check that they’re comfortable for many hours first!

  • Legwarmers or leggings

  • Arm warmers

  • Socks

  • Overshoes & gloves

  • Waterproof or windproof jacket

  • Buff x2 – The most versatile piece of kit there is: ear warmers/sweatbands / sun bandanas/snoods

  • Sunglasses – Removable clear or dark lenses are great to keep the rain out

Other Clothes

  • Flip flops or trainers – The cheapest trainers in the shop tend to be the most malleable to pack, and the lightest to carry!

  • Down gilet or jumper

  • 2x underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt – Wash one, wear one & get out of stinky kit at the end of the day

  • Swimwear – Can remove the need for underwear! Also great for wild swimming, although you might want to just wear the cycling kit to give it a rinse!


  • Brompton Toolkit – Fits inside front frame, ideal!

  • Brompton Pump Fits on rear frame

  • Straps or bungee

  • Tape & cable ties – Super useful for on-the-fly bodge repairs

  • Inner tubes – Shove them inside the mainframe for a neat storage solution

Other Bits

  • Card & cash

  • Vaseline or chamois cream

  • Power – Charger cables, battery pack, dynamo charging light, or solar panel if you’re feeling optimistic

  • Lights

  • Garmin or navigation device

  • Headphones – In case your riding partner is boring or irritating

  • GoPro or easy-access camera phone – Capture memories, have it easy to reach so you don’t miss good snaps just because you can’t be bothered to hunt for the camera

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Head torch

  • Toothbrush

  • Emergency blanket

Camping Gear

  • Tent or bivvy bag

  • Sleeping bag

  • Blow-up roll mat

  • Cooking equipment (optional)

  • Eye mask & ear plugs (optional)

Looking for more inspiration for your Brompton Explore? Check out our Escape the City Guides.

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