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42 Brompton bicycles inside 1 parking space


We believe in cities designed for people. For us, active travel and green space are at the top of our minds because they increase the well-being of people and the planet. Burn calories not fossil fuels? Safer riding and walking routes for everyone who can? Street plans that prioritise people over cars? Yes to all of that. And more. It's our duty to use our voice and actions to champion the things we believe in.


Our Cities Are Killing Us Headline
A number of folded Brompton bicycles in a parking space at World Car Free Day 2022

Let's get bikes out there


From doctors to receptionists. From shift workers to busy parents. From young to old. Everywhere you look in the city, people go from A to B, and even A to Z. And it's not always easy. We're working with NHS foundations, active travel charities and local councils to help improve people's every day with Brompton bikes. Together with free loan bikes and cycle training, we can create healthier, happier cities for all. 



A group of NHS nurse smiling and standing behind a Brompton Wheels For Heroes bike



Three women riding different Brompton C Line models around a corner in London suburb
Rebecca and a student Brazer