A Brompton not only has the power to get riders out there, but bring them together, too. It sounds like a lofty brand claim, sure. But it sums up Diandra Marizet Esparza’s experience of the new Brompton x Bear Grylls in LA.

“It’s a little undercover community builder,” she says. “I recently took the Brompton BG on a ride to a coffee shop along a local bike path, and on the way three different people stopped me to ask about it. It’s been great for connecting with people who also love adventuring, enjoy nature, and sharing hot tips with perfect strangers.”

Diandra Marizet Esparza riding her Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike

“People in LA seem to be really curious about Brompton right now,” she adds. “A lot of them are intrigued by the foldability feature. Naturally, when they ask about it, I let them get hands-on with my BG. It’s getting a lot of compliments!”

As co-founder of the hugely inspiring climate justice collective Intersectional Environmentalist, Diandra is a seasoned and passionate pro when it comes to providing the resources that people and communities need for a more environmentally aware journey, both on the road and in life in general.

Diandra Marizet Esparza with her Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike in Los Angeles

“Sustainable travel is so important to me,” the 30-year-old says from her home in LA. “More specifically, people being able to seamlessly integrate sustainable travel into their daily lives. I really admire how well-versed cyclists are when it comes to city accessibility. They’re a huge part of the advocacy that is needed around sustainable and accessible city planning – something that’ll help us all be less reliant on cars and live in areas that support walking and cycling lifestyles.”

Diandre with her Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike

Diandra’s ultimate goal is to help communities imagine a more equitable and diverse future of environmentalism: a vision she shares with many inspiring and likeminded organisations. We asked her to list five of her favourites, so we can connect with them and keep our own personal environmental journeys on track, too.


Intersectional Environmentalist

“Obviously I’m biassed as I’m a co-founder, but the IE community is a great way to ensure your climate advocacy journey is informative, but also enjoyable. We’re a black-founded and WOC-led environmental justice education and awareness organisation that started in 2020. We’ve become a leading resource for content and programs that explore culture, environment, and identity, and have created community spaces that are equipping the next generation with the tools needed to imagine a just and joyful future for people and planet.”


Un Mar De Colores

“This organisation inspires inclusivity in surfing by celebrating diversity and connection to the ocean. Mario, the founder, is a Navy veteran, indigenous Mayan, and surfer who is working alongside a team of incredible people to create opportunities for young people to experience the ocean and its benefits. His background in social sciences and personal experiences has shaped his belief that nature can serve as a classroom and a teacher. It’s a belief that I share.”


Veggie Mijas

“VM is a community of women, trans, and gender non-conforming people dedicated to advocating for plant-based lifestyles and food justice in marginalised communities. I first connected with VM through their book club, at a time when I was finding it hard to enjoy fiction while reading so much non-fiction for work. Joining their club reminded me that a lot of what I do is empowered by the mythology and imagination of my people.”



“Power is born when community activation meets editorial coverage, and SUSTAIN captures this so well. It’s an online media platform for eco-conscious warriors cultivating healthy and planet-friendly lifestyles. It disrupts complacency by telling stories that normalise sustainable change within our communities. It’s one of my favourite publications.”


Latino Outdoors

“LO connects Latino communities with the outdoors. It embraces cultura y familia as part of the outdoor narrative to ensure their history, heritage, and leadership is valued and represented. As someone who never felt like a traditional ‘outdoorist’ when growing up, I’ve cherished every opportunity to amplify, take part in, and support their mission.”

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