David Millar riding a CHPT3 Brompton down a track David Millar riding a CHPT3 Brompton down a track

Special Editions

Limited editions, special releases and collaborations with like-minded people. Discovering new ways to see, feel and experience the Brompton bike.
Tour de France Brompton bike Tour de France Brompton bike

Brompton x Tour de France

To celebrate this year's Tour de France, we're providing a different kind of performance. One that's built on portability.

Brompton x Bear Grylls

Brompton owners have long pushed the boundaries of exploration.

From Heinz Stucke pedalling around the world to a research scientist riding at the South Pole. Inspired by their endless adventures, we rejoice in a day less ordinary with your Brompton bike.

Adventurer Bear Grylls with his Brompton folding bike on a beach in Wales

Brompton x CHPT3

It's been five years since the collaboration began, yet it feels like the story is just beginning. This is Brompton x CHPT3, the fourth chapter.
David Millar riding a CHPT3 Brompton folding bike

Barbour x Brompton

The special edition C Line Explore bike, spec'd for adventure.
Two people wearing the Barbour x Brompton collection on special edition Barbour x Brompton bikes

The Brompton Fold

Invented by our founder, Andrew Ritchie, in 1975, expertly engineered to transform the bike into a small, locked package a little larger than its wheels - all in under 20-seconds. Nothing folds like a Brompton folds.

Not like other bikes

Bromptons are made different. We engineer an efficient solution for moving around the city and beyond. Ours is a bike that does more than the obvious, it answers problems owners say they didn't know they had. 'You don't get a Brompton until you get a Brompton.'

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Keep in touch with all things Brompton. Find out about upcoming collaborations, events and more.