Top tips for new owners Top tips for new owners

Top tips for new owners

Everyone was a beginner once.

We asked the Brompton community what they wished they knew when they first got their Brompton.

Here are the Top 5:

Register your Brompton

Register your bike online in just 3 minutes and you’ll be the first to know about new product upgrades (most of our developments are retro-fittable), community events, special offers and tips for getting the most from your Brompton. You’ll also activate your 7-year frame warranty and 3-year electric system warranty if you've got a Brompton Electric, so registration is really worthwhile.
Person on a Brompton C Line on sports court

Master the fold

Folding your new Brompton has to be one of the most exciting moments, and is entirely straightforward to get the hang of! Give it a bit of practice and you’ll have the fold sorted in as little as ten seconds - perfect for catching that train you’re always running late for.

Get your essentials

Bromptons can be fitted with a unique front carrier block so our luggage clicks perfectly on the front of your bike - so you can avoid the discomfort of a sweaty back from riding with a backpack. Our range of lights make sure you're seen when riding in the evenings and darker months. Keep your tyres inflated at 90 PSI with a hand or track pump each week - perhaps on a Sunday evening before the commuting week ahead.
top tips for new owners

Understand general maintenance

Show your bike some love and stay safe on the road. Keep your brakes working effectively, your chain running smoothly and make everything last that bit longer. Learn how to do some at home maintenance for your new Brompton.

Find your ride and joy

Whether it’s your daily commute or a weekend adventure. Feel the freedom that a Brompton gives you to explore. Need inspiration to get your wheels rolling? Read our Owner Stories to discover where other Brompton Owners have been.
Image of person cycling Brompton bike across the road in New York City

Stay in the know

Keep in touch with all things Brompton. Find out about upcoming collaborations, events and more.