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Sales & Customer Care Accreditation Levels

Premier Store At a Brompton Premier Store you can try one of our demo bikes knowing that the staff have specialist knowledge. You will find over 20 bikes on display in a range of colours and a comprehensive range of luggage options to try. When it comes to buying you will be set up on the bike correctly, receive a free 100 mile service and can book servicing, repairs and upgrades with a qualified workshop.

Recommended Store At a Recommended Brompton Store you will find demo bikes to test plus a range of models and luggage to purchase. The trained staff can help with choosing a bike and initial set up. You will receive a free 100 mile service plus help with maintenance and repairs.

Authorised Store Authorised Brompton Stores carry demo bikes as well as a small range of models and accessories for purchase. The staff can help with bike purchase selection and set up. You will receive a free 100 mile service plus help with basic maintenance and repairs.

Occasional Dealer This type of dealership will have a demonstrator Brompton for you to try but may not have a wide selection of stock on hand for you to review or purchase.

Spares & Accessories Dealer A dealer that only sells Brompton spares and accessories.

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