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Choice of: 10% off standard C Line and Electric C Line bikes ordered on Brompton.com; discounted 12-month fixed-term Brompton subscription on standard C Line bikes or Electric C Line bikes; or discounted Brompton bike hire bundles (various durations) for eligible ULEZ emission-zone residents.

Offer Terms and Conditions

We are Brompton Bicycle Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 1261512, with registered address at Unit 1, Ockham Drive, Greenford, London, UB6 0FD. Together with Brompton Bike Hire Limited (who provides any subscription and hire services parts of this offer, and is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 07292744, with the same registered address) we are “Brompton”, “we”, “our” or “us”.

These offer terms (together with the documents referred to in them) (“Terms”) apply to the promotion offering customers who live in the ULEZ zone, one of the following: (i) 10% off the purchase price of the standard C Line and Electric C Line bikes ordered on Brompton.com (“Purchase Offer”); (ii) a discounted 12-month, fixed term, Brompton subscription on standard C Line bikes at 16.6% off per month or Electric C Line bikes at 15% off per month (“Subscription Offer”); or (iii) discounted Brompton bike hire bundles valid for 2 years (with 20% off 10 days, 37% off on 25 days and 50% off on 50 days) (“Hire Bundle Offer”) (the Purchase Offer, the Subscription Offer and the Hire Bundle Offer being each an “Offer”). By requesting an Offer Code to redeem an Offer (see paragraph 2 below), you will be deemed to have acknowledged that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms, which form a binding agreement between you and us.

Incorporated into these Terms are the following additional terms, which also apply to you when you participate in an Offer (as applicable):

• our Privacy Policy, which sets out the terms on which we process personal data we collect from you or that you may provide to us in connection with any Offer;

• our Website Terms of Use which set out the terms on which you purchase any products via the website and include our delivery terms, and our returns terms;

• our Brompton Bike Hire Terms and Conditions, which set out the terms on which you hire any products in connection with the Hire Bundle Offer; and

• our Brompton Subscription Terms of Use, which set out the terms on which you may access and use the Brompton subscription service in connection with the Subscription Offer.

If there is any conflict between these Terms and anything within the terms relevant to any Offer which are incorporated above, these Terms take priority.


1. Eligibility Criteria

1.1. You can only take advantage of:

1.1.1. the Purchase Offer if you are making an online order on www.brompton.com;

1.1.2. the Subscription Offer if you are signing up to a fixed-term subscription on www.brompton.com; or

1.1.3. the Hire Bundle Offer if you are purchasing a Brompton bike hire bundle via the Brompton Bike Hire mobile app;

in each case, for an Eligible Product (see paragraph 3 for further detail), with an Offer Code and within the Offer Period (see paragraph 2 for further detail).

1.2. In addition, in respect of any Offer you must:

1.2.1. live within the currently expanded Ultra-Low Emission Zone (“ULEZ”), which has been geographically outlined by Transport of London (“TFL”) (set to apply from 29 August 2023). The outline as at the date of this Offer can be found here; and

1.2.2. be at least 18 years of age.

1.3. Unfortunately, no Offer is available to retail customers or those customers who live in an area outside of the ULEZ outlined by TFL, or to those customers under the age of 18 years.

1.4. No Offer is available to directors, officers or employees of Brompton or any of their immediate family members.


2. Offer Period and Offer Procedure

2.1. If you satisfy the eligibility criteria and wish to participate in any Offer:

2.1.1. you must complete the Offer form and upload the information requested; and

2.1.2. those customers who Brompton determines meet the eligibility criteria will be sent a promotional code to redeem the applicable Offer (“Offer Code”).

2.2. The Offer Code will need to be redeemed between 00.01 GMT on 30 January 2023 and 17:00 GMT on 1 February 2024 (the “Offer Period”).

2.3. Anyone using an Offer Code outside of the Offer Period will not be able to take advantage of the relevant Offer.


3. Offer Conditions – each Offer is subject to the following conditions (as applicable):

3.1. The:

3.1.1. Purchase Offer is only valid on standard C Line and Electric C line bikes – please find them here Brompton C Line: The Classic Steel Folding Bike | Brompton UK and here Brompton Electric C Line | Electric Folding Bike;

3.1.2. Subscription Offer is only valid on 12-month fixed term Brompton subscriptions on Standard C Line bikes or Electric C Line Bikes; and

3.1.3. Hire Bundle Offer is only valid on bundles of 10 day, 25 day and 50 day hire period; (being the “Eligible Products” in respect of each Offer).

3.2. Neither the Purchase Offer nor the Subscription Offer applies to limited-edition C Line and Electric C Line bikes (and excludes A Line, P Line, Electric P Line and T Line bikes and any future models, as well as any limited or special edition bikes (including bikes in limited edition or special colours) and co-branded bikes on any of our lines. Further the Purchase Offer does not apply to any parts, accessories or clothing.

3.3. If you redeem an Offer Code in respect of the Hire Bundle Offer, you will be required to register with Brompton Bike Hire via the Brompton Bike Hire app]. As a requirement of membership to Brompton Bike Hire you must ensure that a valid credit/debit card is always registered on your account. The Offer will then be prepaid to you and loaded onto your Brompton Bike Hire account. The Eligible Product for the Hire Bundle Offer will be valid for 2 years from the date of [the Offer Code][redemption of the Offer Code] .

3.4. If you redeem the Subscription Offer, you will be required to set up a direct debit payment. All payments will be deducted from your account through direct debit. Once your subscription application has been submitted, the first payment will be taken on the fourth (4th) working day, which will also be the start of your subscription. Payment will then be taken on a monthly basis, on the same date each month, or the next working day. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please let us know by contacting the Customer Support Team by email to bdsupport@bromptonbikehire.co.uk. Any request to cancel must be made within 14 days from your first payment in order to receive a refund. If you cancel the subscription after you have taken delivery of the bike you will be required to pay us for the period up until the time that you return the bike to us. At our sole discretion, and upon on reasonable grounds, we may in certain circumstances release you early from this obligation.

3.5. The Purchase Offer will not apply to supplementary charges such as delivery and or postage and packaging.

3.6. The Purchase Offer will not apply to any pre-order items and or any orders made outside the Brompton.com website such as orders placed with retailers.

3.7. You can only redeem one Offer type, and each Offer will be limited to one per customer throughout the Offer Period, and any orders that exceed this limit will be cancelled and refunded.

3.8. It will be at our sole discretion whether the eligibility requirements have, or have not, been met and we may require you to provide us with further evidence of eligibility such as proof of address or age before we process and dispatch your order. Additionally, any orders using the Offer will be directly delivered to the address stated in the proof of address supplied to us and no other delivery address shall be accepted.

3.9. You must only purchase products using the Purchase Offer for domestic and private use, and not for any purposes associated with commercial or professional activities. If we suspect, or we have any reasonable belief, that you are redeeming the Purchase Offer for commercial or professional purposes, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order.

3.10. Each Offer, and the Offer Code we issue to you as part of it, is non-exchangeable and non-transferable; neither may be used in combination with other offers or promotions.

3.11. All decisions we take relating to any Offer are final and no further negotiations will be entered into.


4. Privacy

4.1. Any personal data you supply to us in relation to the Offer will be used for the purpose of the Offer, and your personal data will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Any proof of address provided by you as part of this offer will be retained by us until the end of the calendar month immediately following the month in which you provided your proof of address.


5. Liability

5.1. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any loss in connection to the refusal, withdrawal or cancellation of any Offer, including any costs, expenses, damages and other liabilities, or your inability or failure to take advantage of any Offer.

5.2. We will not be liable for any failure or delay to comply with any obligations in these Terms for reasons beyond our reasonable control or reasons beyond the reasonable control of our sub-contractors, including in respect of providing any Offer Codes or any delay in providing any Offer Codes.

5.3. Where we have reasonable grounds to do so, at our discretion we may vary the terms of, or terminate, the Offer at any time without any liability to you.


6. Governing Law

6.1. These Terms shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of England and Wales.