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Support Videos For The Rear Of The Brompton Electric P Line Bike

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How To Fit And Remove The Brompton Advance Chain Tensioner For P And T Line

VIDEO- How to fit and refit the Brompton Advance chain tensioner for P and T Line

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Slipping Seat Post Checks On An A Line, C Line or P Line

VIDEO - Over time the Brompton seat post sleeve can wear resulting in your seat post height not being at the optimum height while riding. This video takes you through some basic checks, if you think your seatpost may be slipping

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Centering Your Brakes

VIDEO - Applicable for A, C, P and T Line Brompton folding bicycles. Centering your brakes is essential for many jobs on your Brompton. You must ensure the distance between each side is equal from the rim and that the brake pads meet the rim at the same time.

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Removing Or Refitting Your Brompton Folding Pedals

VIDEO - Replacing or needing to remove and refit your pedals? Follow this step by step guide to remove and refit your Brompton pedals

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Rear Rack Light Fitting On Brompton Electric C And P Line

VIDEO- Rear rack light fitting on Brompton Electric C and P Line

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The Brompton Advance 4 Speed Gear System

VIDEO- How to factory reset your gears (video 1) and how to use and set up your gears including how to replace your gear cable (video 2)

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The Advance Rear Rack

VIDEO - How to fit the Advance rear rack to a P Line or T Line.

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Electric P Line Rear Light Replacement

VIDEO - This video will show you how to replace the rear light on the Brompton Electric P Line.

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Rolling Mode for P And T Line

VIDEO - How to set the bike in rolling mode for P and T Line

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How To Fit And Remove The Advance 4 Speed Derailleur

VIDEO- How to fit and remove the Advance 4 speed derailleur for Brompton P Line

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How To Remove And Replace The Cassette On The Advance Brompton 4 Speed Gear system

VIDEO- Remove and replace the Cassette on the advance 4 Speed Gear system

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Brompton Adavance Pentaclip

VIDEO- How to fit and adjust the Brompton Advance Pentaclip. The Advance Pentaclip for P Line allows for both carbon and steel railed saddles to be fitted.

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How To Fit The Brompton Chain Catcher

VIDEO- How to fit the Brompton chain catcher for P and T line

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Brompton Drivetrain Replacement

VIDEO - For each line the steps you take are the same, but the methods used can be very different. Please look out for the relevant links throughout the video for further details

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Replacing The Brompton Superlight Quick Release Pedal

VIDEO - How to remove and fit your Brompton T Line Superlight pedals

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