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Support Videos For The Rear Of The Brompton Electric pre 2022 Bike

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Using, Selecting And Changing Gears Correctly On Your 2, 3 Or 6 Speed Brompton

VIDEO - Make light work of your gear shifts.

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Slipping Seat Post Checks On An A Line, C Line or P Line

VIDEO - Over time the Brompton seat post sleeve can wear resulting in your seat post height not being at the optimum height while riding. This video takes you through some basic checks, if you think your seatpost may be slipping

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Removing and Refitting The Brompton A Line Or C Line Rear Wheel.

VIDEO - Got a puncture? Or need to remove the rear wheel to gain access to the rear of the bike? Here's everything you need to know, to remove and refit the Brompton rear wheel?. All you'll need is a 15mm spanner to perform this procedure.

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Fitting The Eazy Wheels

VIDEO - Make towing your A Line or C Line Brompton easier

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Adjusting And Replacing The Suspension Block

VIDEO - Learn how to adjust the modes of the suspension block so it either catches the latch or is free to fold all the time. As well as understanding how to replace the suspension block.

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Centering Your Brakes

VIDEO - Applicable for A, C, P and T Line Brompton folding bicycles. Centering your brakes is essential for many jobs on your Brompton. You must ensure the distance between each side is equal from the rim and that the brake pads meet the rim at the same time.

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Adjusting And Replacing The Lower Stop Disc

VIDEO - Your lower stop disc is one of two components that help to keep your bike together when folded

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Brompton Rack

VIDEO - Fit your A line or C Line bike with a rack for more carrying capacity

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Replacing The Derailleur Chain Pusher

VIDEO- How to remove and install the derailleur chain pusher

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Removing Or Refitting Your Brompton Folding Pedals

VIDEO - Replacing or needing to remove and refit your pedals? Follow this step by step guide to remove and refit your Brompton pedals

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Adjusting Your Brompton 2 Speed and 6 Speed Derailleur Gears

VIDEO - Get your gears working perfectly on your 2 and 6 gear Brompton bikes

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Rear Rack Light Fitting On Brompton Electric C And P Line

VIDEO- Rear rack light fitting on Brompton Electric C and P Line

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Brompton Drivetrain Replacement

VIDEO - For each line the steps you take are the same, but the methods used can be very different. Please look out for the relevant links throughout the video for further details

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Derailleur Gear Cable Connector Replacement

VIDEO - Follow these exact steps to correctly replace the Derailleur Gear Cable Connector on your Brompton C Line

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