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General Support Videos For T Line

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How To Clean Your Brompton

VIDEO- Top tips to keep your Brompton clean and prolong its life.

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Understanding Brompton Tyre Range

VIDEO- This video will run you through the different tyre options we have at

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Advanced Upkeep Of Your Brompton T Line

VIDEO- We will show you the likely causes of a squeaking T Line and how to easily rectify this

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General Maintenance

VIDEO - How to keep your bike in tip top shape

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Get Ready For Your First Ride

VIDEO - Prepare for your first ride

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Lubricating Your Brompton Chain

VIDEO - How to Lubricate the chain and keep it in great condition

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How Do I Find My Frame And Serial Number

VIDEO - For all our bicycles manufactured since 2022, only the serial number appears on the identification plate.

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Folding Your Brompton

VIDEO - How To Fold Your Brompton

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Unfolding Your Brompton

VIDEO - How to unfold your Brompton

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Rolling Mode for P And T Line

VIDEO - How to set the bike in rolling mode for P and T Line

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