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Through our continual quality assurance processes, we have become aware of an issue with the Firmware installed on some Brompton Electric bicycles. This affects models which were manufactured, or had Firmware updates, between May 2020 and February 2021.


Under specific circumstances if a system failure occurs, there is a low possibility that the electric system may continue to provide assistance to the motor, causing continued forward momentum, when the rider is not actively pedalling. The risk of an accident occurring is very low with only one reported minor fault, which did not result in any injury or accident.


Please note that applying the brakes will bring the bike to a stop. The battery should then be switched off or removed to prevent the motor providing continued assistance.


Although the risk of an accident occurring is very low we have begun a programme to repair all affected bikes and upgrade the Firmware to Version 1-2-10-2, free of charge, to all affected customers; note that this free update is available until 1st September 2021.


To determine if your bike is affected, we will need you to answer the following questions.

Question 1: Did you purchase your Brompton Electric from May 1st 2020?

Yes – if yes, please click here.

No – if no, please move to next question.

Question 2: Have you visited an accredited Brompton Retailer for a service or Firmware update between 1st May 2020 and 1st March 2021?

Yes – if yes, please click here.

No – if no, and the answer to Question 1 is also no, then your bike is not affected. 


If the Serial Number Checker confirms your Brompton Electric is affected, customers are required to have an upgraded version of the Firmware installed free of charge on their bike by following a few simple steps. This is available for all customers until 1st September 2021.

Contact Your Local Brompton Electric Retailer

To receive your Firmware update, please contact your local Brompton Electric retailer to schedule an appointment, who can then perform the Firmware update free of charge. You can find your closest dealer on our Find A Store page.


Please note that you must select Brompton Electric from the dropdown menu to filter for the correct dealers. Non Brompton Electric Dealers are unable to perform the upgrade.


Find A Store

At Home Service in London and surrounding areas

Whilst you can upgrade your bike via your local Brompton Accredited Retailer, to further help us upgrade all Brompton Electric bikes, we have partnered with local London based bicycle repair company, HaveBike. By using the following webpage, it is possible for the Firmware upgrade to be performed at your house, at no cost to you until 1st June 2021.


This service is limited to customers who live in London within the M25 and some surrounding regions; see map below or check if you're included on the HaveBike website.



have bike


To show our appreciation for your understanding and support, and as a gesture of goodwill, affected customers will be given a credit of  £20 for each bike affected. In order to receive this voucher you must first have the Firmware updated on your Brompton Electric and then complete the form on the following webpage.

Our Customer Service Team will contact you within 10 working days of submitting the form to provide you with your voucher.


Please note that this voucher is only available for customers from the following countries: UK and Northern Ireland, France, Germany, USA, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden. We are unable to provide credit to consumers outside of these locations.

New Brompton iOS Electric App and Bluetooth functionality​

In addition to correcting this issue, Firmware Version 1-2-10-2 also includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality. BLE enables connectivity between the Brompton Electric and the upcoming Brompton Electric iOS App which is currently in the final stages of testing and due for release in Spring 2021, with an Android version following in 2022.


Upon the launch of the Brompton Electric iOS App, all Brompton Electric customers who have upgraded to Firmware Version 1-2-10-2 will be able to begin using the app, upon its release, with no additional cost or need for further Firmware upgrades.


Brompton is committed to producing the highest quality of product and takes the safety of its owners as its highest priority.


We keep all of our products under continuous review to ensure we’re meeting these high standards and can act quickly if something arises that does not meet our quality and safety criteria.


For more information, read through our FAQs.


If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact the Brompton Customer Service team via:

Customer Services Tel: +44 20 8232 8484