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I'm Getting On

Targeting ageism within advertising


tfl im getting on 

We’re proud of the opportunities that our bikes give to people of all ages, and wanted to make a clear statement countering the notion that some people are ‘too old’ to cycle.


That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign, aimed at empowering older generations; seeking to flip outdated stereotypes on their head, and show that it really is never too late to get on a bike. A project that has come runner up in Transport for London (TfL)’s Diversity in Advertising competition. winning plaudits from the Mayor of London.


‘Getting On’, needn’t and shouldn’t be a negative or derogatory phrase any longer. Instead, it’s a clarion call for all those who believe that everyone should experience the joy and freedom that a bicycle provides, whatever their age.


tfl im getting on 


It’s never been more important for people to get active, which is particularly true for the older generations, many of whom may have faced long periods of isolation over the last year. ‘I’m getting On’ will highlight the independence and freedom that travelling by Brompton provides, opening up new opportunities to explore local communities and experiences.


It’s time to end the stigma around physical activity for older generations. We know from speaking to many of our customers who are over 55, that they ride absolutely everywhere - whether it's for errands, seeing friends and family, or exercise.


We’ll be shining a light on these stories over the coming months, so keep an eye out on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get involved.