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Name Our Lanes, Brompton Bicycle Possible climate charity
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Name Our Lanes | Partnering with Possible

In October, we teamed up with climate charity Possible and Covent Garden to launch “Name Our Lanes”, a competition to name London’s cycleways in a bid to encourage Londoners to feel more connected to cycling in their city. 


If we care about something, we give it a name. The streets we live on, our tube lines, our rivers, and important buildings all have names – so why are London’s cycleways known by codes like CS2, C5 or Q1? 

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a cycling surge in the UK’s capital with more and more people choosing to travel by bike. Brompton partnered up with climate charity Possible and Covent Garden to launch Name Our Lanes, a competition that will allow all Londoners to have a say in what we name our cycleways. 

The winning names have now all been selected.


name our lanes

View the full-sized map at WeArePossible.org



Learn more about Brompton's commitments to cycling and our Campaign for Movement here.