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Are You Being Seen? Cycling Safety

Brompton Bicycle Brompton Electric Turkish Green cycling safety

The alarm goes off – it's still pitch-black outside. Surely not... Checking the time, you see it surely is. Time to get up and start the day. 

Whilst it comes every year, the change of seasons and the shortening of days never fails to surprise. It seems like just a week ago you logged off for the work-day and set your sights on hopping on your bike for some late afternoon sunshine. That sunshine may be waning, but that won’t stop us from getting on our Brompton folding bikes and setting off on a journey. 

Whether you’re cycling daily or nipping about every now and again, keeping safe and being seen in the winter months is paramount. We’ve put together a list of Brompton’s top cycling gear for staying safe and seen in the dark. 


CatEye Volt400 Rechargeable Front Light 

Brompton Bicycle Volt400 Cateye

We have a range of bike lighting, but our favourite is the CatEye Volt400. Designed specifically to easily mount to the front frame of a Brompton folding bike, this rechargeable lighting kit offers a 400-lumen output to ensure you can see where you’re going – and others see you too! 

Shop the CatEye Volt400 Rechargeable Front Light - £55 


Schwalbe Marathon Tyre with Reflective Strip 

Brompton Bicycle Schwalbe Racer Tyre Reflective

Stay seen and puncture-free with the Schwalbe Marathon Tyres featuring a reflective strip. The harder compound rubber and thicker tread have higher rolling resistance than our standard tyres, but allow you to ride your Brompton further. Swap out one or both of your Brompton tyres for extra visibility in the winter. 

Shop the Schwalbe Marathon Tyre with Reflective Strip - £35 each 


London Waterproof Jacket 

Brompton Bicycle London Red Jacket

In England, colder months mean rain. Stay dry in the downpours and visible at night. A classic, understated look means you can wear this jacket off your bike as well. With easily hidden reflective panels, a hidden phone pocket and ample storage for other essentials, this is the perfect cycling jacket for the season. 

Shop the London Jacket in Red - £155 


Browse our lighting and visibility range available for online purchase here.