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Posted on 11 December 2019
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Finding the Right Brompton Bike for You

Man riding a Brompton bike 

Over the last 20 years, folding bikes have become increasingly popular. But there is only one Brompton. Quintessentially British, commuters can have theirs made-to-order using customised colour palettes with specific gearing and accessories.

They are designed to look cool, be practical but most of all fit into your lifestyle. With a range of folding bikes available, it’s hard to know what spec to choose based on your individual needs.

Are you simply looking to incorporate an activity into your weekend plans? A bike to ride for fun? One that can hack the daily commute? A sturdy model that can handle cross-country terrain? Or maybe the adventurer in you is looking for a touring bike that can handle longer distances. Whatever your reasons, Brompton has you covered.

And it’s not just what your bike will be used for which will affect which model you should choose - your riding position is just as important too. Depending on whether you prefer a more sporty position, or if you like to ride upright, you’ll need to find a frame that supports your comfort.

Brompton offers a range of models with varying specifications and features so that you can ride safely and comfortably, no matter the time, place or reason. And you can do it all in style.

So which model is right for you?

Daily Commuting

Are you one of the thousands of UK commuters who perform a bike/train/bike-style journey to and from work each day? Yes? We’re going to take a wild guess that this is most probably happening during rush hour.

Folding bikes are the only type of bicycle allowed on most public transport. So on the London Underground for example, between 07:30 and 09:30, and 16:00 and 19:00, the only bike you’re allowed on is a foldable and the same goes for many train routes.

Being able to fold the bike away means that if you need to jump on the tube to get across the city, or if weather conditions are making your journey unsafe, you can easily hop onto a bus, train or in a taxi with no additional stress.

The light frames make city riding easy work and the nimble design ensures manoeuvres are quick and steady, prioritising safety and comfort. Check out this Cyclist’s daily commute, it involves more than just a train.


But, with so many models to choose from, which one would be best for cross-city travelling?

Our Brompton Superlight could be the perfect fit...

The bike body comprises of a classic steel mainframe that’s matched with a titanium rear frame, creating the lightest model yet, coming in at just under 9.5kg.

The reduced weight makes for a nippier ride and optimises the bike’s portability, perfect for getting across the city as our 3 speed hub gear (because it’s an enclosed hub) is far more reliable than a 2 speed derailleur.

Weekend Leisure

Woman in a bookshop browsing for books with a Brompton folding bike

Are you more of a weekend rider? Looking to be more active without dragging your feet to the gym? For those enjoying a weekend cycle ride around town, to the shops or even just to your friend's house, we understand that serious cycling races are not for you - but we have a Brompton that is! You may not be breaking out the lycra but you are looking to ride for fun, so opt for a bike that reflects your style.

Head over to our Bike Builder and choose from a selection of colours, styles and accessories to create a bike that suits you and your personality. Instead of employing the aerodynamic wheels and riding position of a sports bike, you’ll be looking for something that’s efficient and easy to cycle without being too much hard work. The key is to find features that place comfort above performance. Look for thicker tyres that cushion against rugged terrain and a frame that promotes an upright position for optimal comfort. We would recommend the Schwalbe One tyre and choosing an H Type handlebar for an upright ride.

Adventurous Lifestyle

Man on a Brompton folding bike looking away in a beautiful town

If you’re the type of person who loves a good hike, exploring new places or simply getting outdoors at any given opportunity, you’ll want a bike that acts as an accessory to your exciting life...

The Explore bike can handle a range of routes ensuring you are ready for the next long trip or slight diversion from the city. Watch Adventurer Alastair Humphreys test out the Explore Edition, as he starts in the city and ends up in the great outdoors with the Brompton.

Longer, Tougher Journeys

Brompton folding bike outside of a tent near the water

Considering a bigger journey? Committed to that bike tour, followed by a 2020 race? If you’re making longer journeys on your bike, on different surfaces and terrains, you’ll need a bike that adapts to its surroundings. Regardless of what your bike will face on a daily basis, a strong frame is a necessity, but in environments where getting from A to B includes a variety of terrains and inclines, you’ll likely need something with an extra boost.

When building your bike you can choose from a range of features, making it the perfect travel companion for an athletic lifestyle.

You can opt for a telescopic seat post allowing you to quickly remove the saddle when storing if travelling on trains or planes, reducing the overall size of the folded Brompton. If you have a normal seat post you need tools to achieve this.

H/M type handlebars are great for those who like a more comfortable or upright riding position. It also makes it easier to carry larger pieces of front luggage.

And if your trip includes mountains, a 6 speed with -12% gearing would be the perfect solution when carrying luggage up hills.

A Folding Bike for Every Need

From the Brompton Electric, that’s designed to make pedaling a breeze, right through to the CHPT3, which prioritises speed and handling, there’s a folding bike for everyone.

Still not sure which model is for you? Use our Build a Brompton feature to custom make a bike that matches your style and requirements.