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Brighten Your Commute With a Brompton B75 bike

 Man folding down a Brompton B75 bike

With the average UK commute taking up 2 hours of the day, it's important to make the most of your time. A foldable bike can be a great option as it provides the opportunity to grab some exercise and experience the great outdoors whilst also being completely adaptable wherever you go.

If you're just starting out with city cycling or are interested in mixing up your commute, our new Brompton B75 bike could be your answer!


What is the B75?

If you've not met the latest Brompton yet, it's a foldable bike that's built for those who are new to cycling in city centres. it's also perfect for current city cycler that's now fed up with the inconvenience of travelling on a full-sized bike.

it's simple and ready to go, coming with all the specs you need without the unnecessary weight of other accessories. This makes for an easy, effortless ride that can be packed down quickly, perfect for when you're in a rush.


Foldable bikes are great value

The price of a foldable bike can range in price from hundreds to thousands of pounds, so knowing where to start can be tricky. The B75 is an entry-level bike, which comes with a finance plan, allowing you to pay it off over 24 months. You can expect to be paying from £35 per month, which is cheaper than your average gym membership. Alternatively, if you prefer to go all in, you can buy the bike outright.

If you're commuting in London across zones 1-3, you'll be spending £158.30 a month on a travelcard. By investing in a foldable, you'll save hundreds in the long run.

Foldable bikes are as easy to maintain as any other bike. Top up the air in your tyres, keep the chain well oiled and check your lights are working, and that's pretty much it. All Brompton bikes are made from quality materials, and the durable steel frame will withstand the test of time.

Being so easy to pack away and store also means that it doesn't have to face the elements as much as a usual bike locked out on the street, helping it retain a high level of quality instead of getting dirty, damaged or rusty.

All of this makes for an affordable and reliable commute that will keep any cyclist - and their bank account - happy.

Man on light blue Brompton B75 bike

Take Your Bike Everywhere

One of the main issues with using cycling as your main mode of transport is the fact that you have to take a bulky, heavy bike with you wherever you go. This means tube or bus travel can be difficult, and you'll always have to leave it locked up outside, suffering the onslaught of different weather conditions, along with the concern over vandalism and theft.

This is where foldable bikes come into their element. They are reliable enough to be used as your main mode of transport, but also small enough that they can be packed down and taken on the tube, bus or even in a taxi.

Brompton's B75 is light, nimble and compact enough to fit it in any space you it need to, whether it be under your desk, by the door of a studio flat or by your feet on the tube.


Other Practicalities of Folding Bikes

Those who need to adapt and change their commute will find foldable bikes very versatile. For example, if an important meeting gets brought forward and you're worried about your appearance when you arrive, you don€™t need to worry. Just fold up your B75 and hop on the tube.

And, if you're cutting it fine with the time, there's no need to stress. One of the most common concerns about folding bikes is how long the pack down process takes. But, you'll be a Brompton folding pro in no time at all - with a little bit of practice folding the bike down takes just seconds.

A foldable bike will give you more freedom than using public transport as well. They're great for when your plans suddenly change as you won't be restricted by where you can go and when. If you decide to go for last minute drinks after work, you don't need to worry about what you'll do with your bike - simply fold it up and take it home with you on the tube, bus or in an Uber.

it's also practical in the sense that you can put in less effort when pedal pushing. The smaller wheels and lower centre of gravity also means that you can reach faster speeds, and quicker, without putting in the amount of effort you€™d need to with a normal bike.

Man riding Brompton B75 bike in an alley way with graffiti

Health Benefits of Commuting By Bike

As a nation, we spend over 90% of our time indoors on average, and for most of this time, we're sitting at our desks, or on the sofa watching television. With this in mind, a daily cycling commute can help to get us out into the great outdoors, and get more fresh air - which has numerous benefits - particularly from a mental health perspective.  Cycling also has lots of benefits on your physical health. For starters, cyclists are exposed to less air pollution than any other road user. it's been found that on a 4km route, cyclists only spent 12 minutes breathing in pollution, while drivers spend 20 minutes inhaling bad air.

Cycling is also a great way of getting some daily exercise into your routine, and when it's so hard to find the time to get to the gym, it's a really good way to make the best use of your time. Commuting by bike can be so much better than going to the gym. Exercising outside has been proven to be a better stress reliever and by riding to work, you'll be warming up your brain too, ready for a productive day at the office. Essentially, peddling every day means you'll save money, save time and feel happier overall!

Learn more about the all new Brompton B75 or visit a store near you to test drive a Brompton B75 or any of our other folding bikes for yourself.

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