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Posted on 05 April 2018
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Did you know that for 7 months of zone 1-2 travel card on the London Underground you could buy a Brompton?

Cycling to work can change your life. From the numerous health benefits to the money and time it saves you, cycling to work is something that has to be tried. #TryBrompton is offering you an opportunity to improve your stressful commute. 

We’re taking our bikes on a UK tour allowing you to test a Brompton for up to 48 hours! We’ll be visiting train stations, business parks and city centres with our wide range of bikes, including our new Brompton Electric. Our Brompton experts will be on hand to ask about cycling to work.  

Check out all the places we're visiting on our events calendar.

Want to find out how much you can save with a Brompton? Use our cost calculator.

You can also take a Brompton for a test ride at your nearest dealer. Find your nearest dealer here.

Watch how Brompton owner, Andy travels around London on his Brompton.