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Brompton Electric: Top tips for new owners

Setting up your Electric

Find out how to fold and unfold your Brompton Electric and how to charge your battery.

Charge up faster

The standard Brompton Electric charger is a 2A charger which means it takes approximately 4.5 hours to get to full charge. With the 4A fast charger you can cut down that time down to approximately 2.5 hours.  

The fast charger is great for touring over long distances or long trips with multiple short stops, it can also fit in the back pocket of the City Bag.  

Purchase your fast charger here.

The City Bag

Whether you’re travelling away for the weekend or working from different locations, the City Bag can hold all your essentials in one place. 

The city bag fits your battery, most 15” laptops as well as your other essentials in one place. With a capacity of 20 liters you can also pack your clothes in the city bag for weekends away. 

City Bag is an extra for only £130 - will be available to buy soon. 

Maximise your range

Range estimation*: 30km to 70km (~20mi to ~45mi). To get the best out of your Brompton Electric and maximise your range your need to follow the steps below:

  • Pump your tyres to 100psi
  • Change gears as you would do on a regular bicycle to help the system
  • Use mode 1 to extend range
  • Regularly take your bike for a service
  • Keep a share charger by your desk - available to order separately

* Depending on tyre pressure, riding mode, frequency of stopping and accelerating, total weight, terrain, wind and temperature. Example: a rider of 90kg (incl. luggage) with a tyre pressure of 80PSI is expected to reach 60km in mode 1 and 30km in mode 3 on slightly rolling paved roads with occasional stopping and starting.

Charge your phone

Never let your phone die again. Charge your phone on the go by connecting to the USB charge on the battery.

Tips for transporting your Brompton Electric

Your Brompton Electric is accepted on most public and private transports like buses, trains, taxis. Please check rules with the provider to be safe as provider will not allow the bike on with a cover. In that case you can purchase one our bag covers.  

The compact package can be easily stored in the back on your car, just be careful of the temperatures inside the car, especially when parked in the sun.

Brompton Electric battery is not allowed on passenger planes.

If you're posting the bike, check carriers details, consider battery is 300Wh, lithium ion battery and is classed dangerous goods so requires specific packing.

Brompton Electric App

In the coming months we will be launching the Brompton Electric app (initially for iOS only), which means you will be able to change your riding mode, monitor your speed, track your mileage, check your service history and get regular service reminders on your phone.

Riding during warmer seasons

If you’ve had your bike locked away during the colder season make sure you take it for a service before riding it again. Charge your battery to full and pump your tyres to 100psi. 

Riding during colder seasons

You can still ride your Brompton Electric during the colder season but you will need to take precautions. 

Make sure to get your bike serviced at your dealer. 

Store your battery indoors at room temperature (cold temperatures, below -20C is bad, see back of battery).

When you’re not using your battery, make sure it’s charged between 2 to 3 bars. It discharges slightly over time and can damage the battery if left with no charge or full charge for an extended period of time.