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Posted on 21 December 2017
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Nickel is Back in Stores

The most premium bike, Nickel Edition has been available in steel and Superlight titanium. The bike sports a vivid reflective finish and boasts the same black componentry seen on the Brompton Black Edition.

The special edition, which debuted in 2016, features highly-polished nickel plating, normally reserved for mining equipment. Minor variations to the finish appear on each bike, ensuring that the final look is unique for every customer. The bike will be available in both steel with black extremities or as a Superlight option with a titanium fork and rear frame. Brompton Nickel Edition will be available to order in models S, M and H types with both 2 and 6 speed options available. 

Having searched for various chrome effect powder coats, Nickel was decided on by Brompton for its class-leading anti-corrosion properties and durable wear resistance. The specialist electrolysis plating uses a catalytic reaction rather than an electric current, which creates a perfect even coating. The Nickel Edition also sports a finish which is fifty microns thick, a thickness which ensures durability.