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Posted on 01 January 0001

Electric Demo Disclaimer

1. The Rider is over the age of 14.

2. The Rider is in good health, fit and competent to ride an electric bicycle.

3. The Rider must comply with all direction from staff personnel.

4. The Rider must not be under the influence of alcohol or substances that may affect mental capacity of reaction time.

5. The Rider must wear suitable PPE helmets at all the time.

6. The electric bicycle to be ridden is a prototype of the Brompton Electric bicycle. It is designed to meet all safety standards but is not yet CE certified.

7. The Brompton electric bicycle is a pedal assisted electric bicycle where the rider’s pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor. The motor only assists when the rider pedals and up to a max. speed of 15.5,ph.

8. Photographs/videos of event may be taken on the day, by approved photographers, to be used in the future marketing communications.

9. Staff personnel, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate the trial ride or refuse the Rider to ride the electric bicycle at any time.

10. The Rider is responsible for his/her riding behaviour and must behave sensibly and observe all the rules of the Highway Code if s/he is on the public roads. Failure to do so may invalidate any insurance cover.

11. Brompton Bicycle Limited and its staff personnel shall have no liability for any injuries or loss resulting from your negligence or failure to comply with these Rules.

By completing this form you are accepting the above disclaimer in full and will be able to take a Brompton Electric for a test ride. You are also opting in to your data being shared with Brompton Bicycle and the store you demo at in order to follow up on your test ride.

Disclaimer Acceptance Form