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Posted on 04 May 2016
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Share your ride on Strava's cycle to work day

Strava Metro is hosting the global cycle to work day on Tuesday 10th May. Their mission is to make cycling, walking and running in cities better for all. The data collected from those using Strava Metro when travelling in cities can be used by departments of transports, city planners and advocacy groups when planning and maintaining cycling & pedestrian routes. For more information on how this data is used scroll down to the bottom of the page.

We want to see as many Brompton owners as possible sharing their commute into work. To share your commute with your fellow Bromptoneers and help encourage the improvement of cycling infrastructure all you have to do is join the Brompton Strava Cycling Club. It only takes 1 minute, find out how to do so by clicking here

We will be tracking how much Carbon is being saved by the Brompton Strava Club, showing the difference cycling can make to our environment. Keep track of these savings through this link

On the 10th May we will be sharing your commutes live through our social media channels. If you want your ride to be shared to our 100,000 followers worldwide load your commute to Strava and share the ride to Facebook or Twitter tagging @bromptonbicycle and using the hashtag #CommutesCount 

How it Works

Strava Metro offers an entirely new way of collecting and analyzing cycling and running route preference data by leveraging the activity uploads of millions of Strava members worldwide. Here’s how it works:
Step 1 Strava users track their rides and runs with the Strava app on a smartphone or with a GPS device.

Step 2 To create a Strava Metro data service for a geographic area, Strava processes the data to remove all personal information linked to the user and structures it for compatibility with classic geographical information systems (GIS) environments.

Step 3 Strava Metro data enables DOTs and advocacy groups to perform detailed analyses and glean insights into cycling and running patterns dissected by time of day, day of week, season and local geography.

*Information above was sourced from the Strava Metro website.