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Posted on 12 December 2016
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Technicians Make It Happen

Did you know that behind every bike, there’s a skilled team of technicians and engineers making it happen? Technicians are celebrated at Brompton, but across industry the need for skilled workers has never been greater. 

More than 70,000 technicians are needed each year to fill jobs across industry and often these rewarding careers remain hidden from young people. That’s why Brompton is proud to support Technicians Make it Happen - a new campaign aimed at exposing these opportunities. 

Technicians Make it Happen, launched by the Gatsby Foundation, challenges the outdated notions of who technicians are and what they do. Opportunities exist right now for young people and those seeking a change of career. 

Sunday 2

At Brompton Bikes, we are proud of our craftsmen. Every piece is hand-brazed by skilled technicians at the factory in London. Brazers are trained for 18 months and once qualified stamp their ‘signature’ on the part of the bike they work on. 

Sunday manages the assembly team and has always enjoyed tinkering with bikes. Now he helps others build bikes from scratch. His story is touring the UK with Technicians Make it Happen. 

“What makes it interesting is that you’re involved all the way - from raw materials to a fully functioning bike.You don’t need a degree to work in manufacturing. With the right training, you can learn the skills.”

Training as technicians, Sunday’s team have gained the specialist skills needed to craft quality bikes that can withstand every leg of the journey.

Sunday 1

To learn more about Technicians Make it Happen, visit https://www.technicians.org.uk/