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Posted on 04 May 2016
in News

The IoT connected Brompton

In the "always on" world in which we live in, information is constantly being passed between people. Well now information can be passed between 'things'.

We teamed up with Internet of Things thought leaders Evrythng in order to explore the possibilities of a connected Brompton bike. Each Brompton is unique, not only designed for each customer but they all have their own unique serial and frame numbers. When registered online (a must for any Brompton owner), the bike has a digital identity which, combined with an internet connection can start to pass on valuable information.

To explore this idea further we arranged a Hack Day with Evrythng.

2 bikes

3 teams

plenty of sensors


The brief was simple, use the sensors plus a bluetooth connection to a mobile, to send information from the bike in real time to the cloud in order to provide useful information.The information was then integrated with other live data sources and customer applications were created to ensure that the information was fed back in a meaningful way.

In just 1 day a number of exciting and valuable IOT solutions were designed, created and tested.

The video tells the story in more detail...