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Stolen bike?

Preventing Theft

Your Brompton is far less likely to be stolen if you take advantage of its best feature, its fold!

  1. Fold it, take it inside with you and keep it within sight. Most places will allow you to bring your bike inside and if the bike’s just a bit muddy, then use our  lightweight zip- cover to keep it manageable and hassle-free.
  2. If you do need to leave your Brompton out of sight, make sure it’s locked to a secure fixture, such as a purpose designed cycle stand or street furniture and, if possible, somewhere with CCTV. Using two locks of different types causes a thief pause for thought and they’re more likely to move on to another target.

How registering your bike on the Brompton Bike register can help:

It gives you an ‘information locker’ you can return to should you need the details of your specific bicycle at any point in the future. This is useful when you get your bike serviced or if you need to identify your bike to an insurer, the police, or a future purchaser.  You can register a bike in your My Brompton area on our website, if your haven't got an account simply sign up here: brompton.com/my-brompton

If you are unlucky enough to have your bike stolen, then you can change its status on the Brompton bike register. This will be visible to anyone who is offered the bicycle to buy. By entering the serial number of the bike they are checking, they will see the status the owner has given. e.g. ‘Not registered as stolen’ or ‘Sorry but this bike has been registered as stolen’. Hopefully this will prompt them to get in touch with the police and get the bike returned to you.

Things the Brompton Bike register doesn’t do:

Unfortunately we cannot track your bike, despite its unique serial number. We are not the police and therefore are unable to help with the physical tracking of your bike. Neither does our website display details of all the bikes which owners have registered as stolen. Information about any single bike is only visible to the My Brompton account holder who has registered it, with the exception of the facility we provide for individual serial numbers to be checked to reveal if their status has been changed by the owner to ‘stolen’.

Listed below are other websites that can help either with registering your bike and/or publicising a theft:




http://www.stolenride.co.uk/ (London based)


We’re sorry we can’t do more but we hope your story has a happy ending and your Brompton has only gone for an unexpected adventure.