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Posted on 01 September 2016
in Stories

BrompingSG in Perth, Australia

Mid year calls for summer heat here in sunny Singapore and so we decided to pack our beloved Bromptons to escape the humidity and head down under to Perth, Australia. Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia experience winter during mid year going as low as 1 degrees Celsius and so we doubled up our warm cycling attires and flew some 5 hours to check out Western Australia.

Perth has a comprehensive network of bicycle and dual-use paths in the central city and beyond, blessed with amazing scenic views throughout which was the main attraction for our trip. We managed to cover most touristy spots and off beaten paths on wheels and with the cool cycling weather, it was a breeze exploring what this beautiful city has to offer. 

Amazing city and great friendly locals, Perth is definitely the place for an adventure off and on wheels. We had a blast and till the next adventure!