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Posted on 10 August 2015
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Brompton Presented Queens Award at BWC Final

At the 10th Anniversary of the Brompton World Championship Final, Brompton Bicycle were awarded the Queens Award for International Trade by the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Mr Kenneth Olisa.

  The award has been made in recognition of Brompton Bicycle’s rise in exported sales in the last 5 years, with 80% of production exported annually. Since 2010 the company has grown to sell in 44 export markets, including countries in South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

This is the fourth accolade for the company having previously received The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in both Innovation and International Trade in 2010 and originally The Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1995.

You can view the Lord-Lieutenant's speech below:

"I am delighted to be here and to share with you this very special day for Brompton Bicycles, firstly in joining you to mark the final of the tenth Brompton World Championship – the first time the race has come to London.  I say ‘join’ in its loosest sense because while I have obviously conformed to the “no Lycra” rule I feel overspecced to count as a “veteran”.
But in addition to the BWC, I am here, on behalf of Her Majesty, to celebrate your Queen’s Award for Enterprise – a distinction you have won for your outstanding contribution to international trade.  

I’ve seen Will (Butler Adams) being interviewed on YouTube and he always emphasizes the team dimension of Brompton Bicycle.   And what is so special about your success in winning the Queen’s Award is that it is a distinction you have all worked for and achieved together as a team. This not the first time you have won this award – the last was in 2009.  But I am aware that as a testament to the quality of your product and marketing your team here in London has doubled since then whilst, remarkably, your turnover has tripled!

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are distinctions that are greatly sought after and sparingly given. In fact, you are one of only sixteen companies in the whole of Greater London who have won this prestigious award for International Trade in 2015. The Award demonstrates to the world your ability to meet the highest standards of excellence and confounds those critics who claim that our country has lost its ability to manufacture goods that the world wants.  Those are standards of excellence which are central to the United Kingdom’s competitiveness and prosperity. 

Continuous design improvements and innovation has made Brompton an icon of London – as a commuter I admit to being more of a Bromptonee than a Bromptoner.  By this I mean that where on-train shin skimming is concerned I am always the victim and not the perpetrator!  More seriously, Brompton is a brand that is recognised not only here in the UK, but all over the world, with roughly seventy five per cent of production being exported annually.  I am impressed to also hear that you now have a presence in 48 territories, across Asia, Europe and North America in both established and emerging markets. 

And your green credentials are impressive – an environmentally-friendly, well engineered, delightfully designed folding bicycle is even more relevant to an increasingly urbanised global population.  I congratulate all those of you whose work has gone into making this fantastic result possible.

In recognition of your outstanding performance in the vital area of International Trade, The Queen has been graciously pleased to grant Her 2015 Award to Brompton Bicycle Limited.  As you can see, it is a fine piece of crystal - which thankfully requires no unfolding or assembly of any kind!  On behalf of Her Majesty I have great pleasure in presenting this to your Chief Executive, Will Butler-Adams, together with the Scroll of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2015."