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Posted on 17 July 2015

Brompton CC on Strava

Brompton CC on Strava

Quickly dissolving the myth that Strava is only used by professionals and KOM (king of the mountain) hungry racers, the Brompton CC community on Strava is showing that it can be useful for keeping track of your mileage and exploring new rides.

The data shows that there are some pretty active riders on their Bromptons, many Bromptoneers are using Strava as a tool to see how many miles they are riding which is great for goal setting or adding to training information. Knowing how many miles you have ridden can also be really helpful to know when it might be time for a service or replacing some crucial parts.

How you can get involved:

1) sign up to Strava - there is a free version available

2) join the Brompton CC club

3) see the miles rack up!


Check out some of the latest action below: