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Posted on 11 December 2015
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Brompton Rock & Roll Tour

On a rock n roll tour with a Brompton.

What makes the best job in the world better?  A Bike.  Specifically a small fold up bike that doesn’t get in the way.

Back in January 2015 I was touring around Europe when a lampy (lighting technician) colleague pulled out of one of his flight cases an orange contraption that when he unfolded became a bike. I enquired, he said Brompton,  I went online.

I now own a black S2L.

I’ve been touring with bands as an audio technician for 6 years. The tour I’m currently on started in April 2015 at Arnhem in the Netherlands. The big difference for me this time was that it was a world tour. The first leg was in Europe my usual stomping ground for work. 

I flew out with my Brompton to Amsterdam packaged in a Brompton cardboard box and paid the less expensive sports equipment fee as it was under a certain size and under a certain weight.  We were based in Arnhem for approx. 2 weeks for rehearsals and I rode in to work and back to the hotel every day. It was a liberating experience being able to get myself to and from work under my own steam and get some exercise too, exercise being  a real bonus when the majority of your day is sitting down.

The best bit about having a Brompton on tour is the extended radius of exploration from the hotel’s we stay at during day’s off.  Especially in cities that are regular destinations.   It’s always been about walking around and finding out whats around within walking distance, unless you know where you want to go and use the various transport options available. The trouble with that are the things you miss. Also, sometimes,  the hotels are in the middle of no where, so getting out can take some motivating, but with a bike it’s just what you do.  Get out and ride. 

This is my first world tour.  Since April we have been all round Europe, Scandanavia, U.S.A, Canada and now Australia.  Soon it will be time pack it up and move on to New zealand.  For every shift in continent we pack the kit into sea containers and send it on its way.  I love the fact that  my Brompton is buried somewhere on a container ship bobbing about on an ocean on its way to new lands.  I meet up with it on the first load in of the next leg and prepare it for new adventures.  Of which there have been quite a few.  By the time I get home at Christmas my Brompton will have circumnavigated the world having been across the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.  Ironically I will have not. Being based in the UK I have yet  to cross the Pacific. I am becoming rather proud of my Bromptons Achievements.