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Posted on 16 October 2015

Autumn Riding Tips

Autumn is here, and with shorter days and longer nights finding motivation to get on your bike can that bit harder. However, with the right equipment and clothing you can still make the most of your city riding. The Brompton team have provided their best tips for cycling this Autumn:

The Bike

There are some great little changes you can make to your bike to ensure it is geared up for autumn riding. 

- Switch to Schwalbe Marathon tyres, which will provide increased protection against punctures. All Brompton accredited stores will be able to help you out with this, or if you’re confident in changing tyres why not order your own here?

- Fit lights to your bike. Whether you’re commuting or taking a leisurely ride there is always a chance you will end up riding in the dark, so good lights are essential to road safety. Even if it’s just a bit misty or raining heavily, it’s worth making yourself seen by other road users.


The autumn period will put your bike through its paces but, by keeping it maintained and clean, you will keep on pedaling whatever the weather. You can view our full cleaning guide here, but here are some of the key areas of maintenance to focus on:

- Checking the pressure on your tyres. The maximum they should be inflated to is 100psi, but during poor weather 80psi is a good level to ease you over slippery roads and rough surfaces.

- Apply a wet weather chain lube. By regularly applying lube to your bike (every 80-120miles) you will protect your chain and ensure a smooth ride. 

- Get your bike serviced regularly. All Brompton accredited stores offer this service, so make sure you get your bike checked over on a regular basis. Find your nearest store here.


With the temperature dropping every day as we head towards the festive season, the need for warm and visible clothing isn’t going anywhere soon!

- Always have a coat or jacket with you on a ride. The weather can change quickly and keeping warm is a must when cycling in the cold, so don’t get caught short.

- Wear reflective cycling gear. Don’t assume cars or other cyclists can see you on the road - reflective clothing will ensure you are visible to other road users, and there’s no need for it to be Lycra either!