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Posted on 09 November 2015

Brompton & Meantime #MakeTimeForIt

It takes the Meantime team 6 weeks to brew their beers, which is longer than most other brewery's. This inspired them to find a like minded company who also spends time and care on their product. This company was Brompton!

The Meantime brewers will be visiting the Brompton factory in West London to get under the skin of their brand, before returning to the brewery in Greenwich to create a unique beer that reflects Brompton’s personality and ethos.  At the same time the Brompton team of designers and brazers will also be visiting the Meantime brewery where they will be challenged to design and build the ultimate city bike encapsulating the spirit of Meantime in 6 weeks. Here's a little teaser showing what you are in for over the coming 6 weeks:

Meantime and Brompton will also be running a competition at the end of the 6 week brewing process. To find out more visit the Meantime website or follow Brompton and Meantimes Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #MakeTimeForIt

Will Butler Adams, Brompton Bicycle CEO had this to say “The Brompton is proudly made in London and takes tremendous skill from our master brazers to produce, all of whom have completed a three year apprenticeship. Quality products take time, time well invested to produce a delightful product. We are looking forward to learning a thing or two about brewing and working closely with Meantime’s team of brewers to create a truly unique brew. We can’t wait to drink it”

Along with our shared passion for designing and making products with skilled craftsmen, Brompton Bicycle and Meantime Brewery also have a mutual respect for responsible cycling and drinking. The Brompton bike is made for city living whether commuting, socialising or escaping the city, the folding design makes it ideal for a variety of adventures, so if you’re on a night out you can easily tuck it under a table at a bar and should you decide to enjoy a drink on your night out, then a Brompton bike is the ideal bike as once folded, it can be simply placed into the back of a taxi or your lift home.

If you are concerned about cycle safety in London, TFL are offering free training classes for all those who live, work and play in the city. Click here to find out more.