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Posted on 02 August 2016
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Poco Grand Prix - Evan Moore, Westwood Cycle

When our city, Port Coquitlam, heard that there was an empty spot in the BC Superweek, the second largest race series in Canada, they jumped on it. I was fortunate enough to be on the board of directors for this event, so when they said that they were hosting a corporate challenge race, I was giddy with joy at the prospect of racing my Brompton against all of these blokes fully kitted out on road bikes. Brompton and Westwood Cycle shared that same joy and put me in charge of the corporate team.

As the ring leader, I needed to find the best team ever. So who better to reach out to then the founding members of @BromptonYVR. We have Lindsey, less than a year on a Brompton but always up for fun. Rouz, a young engineer who found our club, and the fun aspect of these bikes, has really stuck with him. And finally Hyuck, our anchor who has been riding Bromptons for years and has a positive attitude no matter the occasion.

With an awesome team we needed awesome attire, so we looked high and low for the best tweed that would leave the crowd asking themselves, “Are these guys really going to race?” Our local second-hand shop turned out to be the gold mine for the sickest tweed ever. Thankfully we have Lindsey, because all of it needed some mending before being wearable.

This event was epic as it took over our entire city centre. One side of the city was a bike expo, and on the other side a kid’s zone. Around all of this was the best 1.2km course you could ever race a crit on. We all showed up 30 minutes before our race fully suited up and ready to test ride the course. After a brief 15 minute warm up, the officials asked us to gather together at the start to explain the race. At this point, I reached into my Brompton bag and pulled out matching boutonnieres. With the boutonnieres on, we folded our bikes up to some shocked looks while thinking to ourselves, “Wait until they see what’s next.” Just like that, the starting gun goes and the first member of the relay teams is off. They raced past like rockets while I scrambled to unfold my bike as fast as I could.

After unfolding, I saw the team of Tri-City mayors ahead of me with about a 15 second lead. My job was to track these guys down. Every lap the spectators saw us get closer and closer, cheering louder and louder. Right before the last corner, where we switch team members, I made my move and passed him. The mayor’s look as he saw a folding bike pass him, with a rider dressed way too formally and petals flying from his boutonniere, was something I will never forget.

Now it was up to the rest of the team to keep up the pace and hype up the crowd some more. And they sure did! By the end of the race we were all standing together with the biggest smiles on our faces. Hyuck said it was one of the best days of his life and Lindsey and I agreed. Before we had a chance to reminisce, the race director thanked us and said, “This is exactly what I wanted the corporate challenge to be.”

On that positive note, we sat back in the VIP area with a beer to watch the remaining races.