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Posted on 11 May 2016

Where my Brompton has taken me

I've been to many places on my Brompton. I've ridden from London to Cambridge, to work, to visit friends and family, to pubs, to parks, to the riverside, to the countryside and even to pick up the odd takeaway. The list is endless. It's the perfect bike that I can take everywhere with me. But the best place it’s taken me is my imagination. 

It was always on my commute when I had the most fun on my Brompton. My Brompton was so good at maneuvering, accelerating and scooting through traffic that at times I felt Sagan had taken over. Over the years, I really got to know how to handle my Brompton. 

So, just imagine it's a cold and gloomy Monday morning and you're cycling into work, wishing it were still Sunday. You’re waiting at a set of traffic lights and three other cyclists pull up next to you in the advance-stopping box. You glance at them briefly and then the lights change from red to green, and you find yourself accelerating out of the box first. As you hear the sudden whirl of wheels behind you, you realise you’ve lured them into your secret game and you sense their approach. You dig deep to stay ahead. Thoughts creep into your head ‘will I make it, can I do it, is my game over? And suddenly you see the next set of traffic lights coming up ahead and you put in that extra bit of effort managing to get through the lights before they can pass. You turn and see that they’ve not got through. And you’ve won! 

My Brompton which I have commuted hundreds of miles on

It’s those secret imaginary races that you find yourself in, whether anyone else knows it or not, that pick your spirit up and make you pedal that little bit harder and brighten up your working day. I always felt invigorated after my ride in to work. I was motivated because I couldn’t wait to do the same again on the way home. And rarely did I meet a grumpy cyclist. I suppose if you were to ask a commuter who gets on the train or tube every day at rush hour in London the same question, you're likely to get a very different answer. Also, cycling to work, I was always guaranteed a seat :D! 

I have very fond memories of riding to work through London. Over the years, I got to know some very good social and club riders, amateur time trialists, and crit racers. I loved bumping into them, sometimes it happened daily! I also started following them on Strava and Twitter and they genuinely inspired me to get out and ride more. They opened up and showed me a new world of amateur cycling that I wasn’t aware of, and I suddenly realised I’d found a hobby. Above all, they helped build up my endurance, and it helped me to win the Brompton World Championships.

So, when I stop to think of all the places I've been to, imaginary and real, they all make me smile and I just want to ride over and over again. 

So, where does your Brompton take you?