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Posted on 18 May 2016

Fotovakschool photography challenge

Students from Fotovakschool Rotterdam (The Academy of Photography) were assigned a task by the lecturers to produce a range of high quality images of them and their Brompton exploring. 

The Brompton media team looked through all the students entries and one students work in particular stood out. Angely Kayleigh Batenburg images really caught the essence of the freedom a Brompton can bring your life. 

We caught up with Angely about what makes her tick and what she liked about the project:

Can you provide some detail on what you usually do in class and what you study? 

I’m a student at the Academy of photography in Rotterdam. I am taught all the skills needed to take high quality photos, but my many interest is the opportunity to express myself and show a story through my photography. I want to surprise and engage people with my interpretation of a topic or product.  

How did you find taking photos of a Brompton? How did it differ from your usual assignments?

A Brompton is a smart concept for a bike. For me as a photographer it presented the challenge of expressing the specific qualities of the product. But also show the personality of the rider with her custom built Brompton. 

It differs from my usual assignments, because it was the first time that I had to photograph a product in such a way.

What was your favorite feature of the bike and why? 

My favorite feature is the fact you can choose from lots of different combinations to make a bike that is completely personal to you. Because of that it gives the Brompton a personal touch and becomes part of your own identity. 

Did you enjoy using the bike and riding it?

The whole class and myself had a fun time riding and exploring on our Brompton's. The bike has “a mind of it’s own”.
It’s a bike with a strong identity and felt like something far more than just your standard bike you ride.

Where did you take the bike for your photoshoot and why did you choose that area?

As a photographer I try to find hot spots where the topic or product can be the real hero. The environment had to be a little bit rough and forceful. The area I chose, in my point of view, strengthened the identity of the Brompton.