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Posted on 28 April 2016
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The BWC returns to Barcelona

11 years ago the first ever Brompton World Championship was held in Barcelona. We are delighted to see the event return to the city as part of the Bicircuit Festival of Cycling. 

Contestants from Spain, Portugal and Andorra will fight it out to be crowned champion, with the male and female winner qualify for the Brompton World Championship Final in London.

The race takes place on the 4.7knm Circuit de Barcelona formula 1 race circuit (see track below). The total race distance is 14.1km. The event starts at 1030 on April 30th - we look forward to seeing the 200 racers and fans on the track!

The Bicircuit Festival has a number of other cycling event staking place of the weekend. The most challenging is the BICIRCUIT MADFORM 24H. This is a true test of stamina where teams of 4 riders must ride solidly for 24 hours around the F1 circuit.

For the first time 2 Brompton teams will be taking part in the challenge. This event precedes the Brompton World Championship and is one not to be missed!