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Posted on 04 September 2015

Brompton CO2 Saving Map



Congratulations - you did it!

You beat the 2015 data by over 1000km - thanks for getting involved.

  • 398 rides
  • 4796 Kilometers were ridden on Bromptons
  •  1199 of CO2 was saved by cycling instead of using other transport methods.

Make sure you are signed up to the Brompton CC on Strava to make your commute count everyday!!


Thanks to all those who took part in Cycle To Work Day 2015.

On the 3rd September, around the world:

  • 232 riders got on their bikes
  • 3,342 Kilometers were ridden on Bromptons
  • 1,162 of Carbon Dioxde was saved, thats over 1 Tonne!

Well done to all those who participated.

We are going to keep counting, so keep on recording your rides on Strava and sharing them with the Brompton CC.