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Posted on 10 April 2015
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Ride to Shimanami

Ride to Shimanami

Atsushi Matsumoto, a keen Bromptoneer and Videographer based in Japan conquered the infamous Shimanami - Kaido route and managed to capture the whole journey on his camera.

The Shimanami Kaido (しまなみ海道, Shimanami Kaidō) is a 60 kilometer long toll road that connects Japan's main island of Honshu to the island of Shikoku, passing over six small islands in the Seto Inland Sea. It is also known as the Nishiseto Expressway. There are two other land connections between Shikoku and Honshu, but the Shimanami Kaido is the only one traversable by foot or bicycle.

Atsushi set off from his home city of Osaka and traveled over 300km on his Brompton to reach the Shimanami Kaido route. The ride from Osaka tested his Brompton bike to the very limit, with his trip taking him by boat, bus and train!

Watch the video here: