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Posted on 14 January 2016

Brompton CEO #MyUnseenCity Tips

We caught up with Brompton Bicycle CEO and #MyUnseenCity judge Will Butler-Adams to see what he is looking for from entries in our Instagram competition. For more info on how to enter click here.

What would be your number 1 tip for this competition?

We are not interested in a cinematic masterpiece we want interesting content showing the character and secrets of your city that the masses in the cars and stuffed into the underground are blind to.

Where would be your favourite places in your home city of London to shoot a film?

I love the short ride from Fullers Brewery along the Thames to Hammersmith Creek; the buildings are Dickensian, the smell can be of dizzy sweet hops and you never know when you might be pedaling through the Thames, as on a high tide the road is submerged.

If you could choose one city to film in where would it be and why?

London…..it isn’t one city is a hundred villages imbibed by the impatience of global trade stemming from the City. It is a foreign place to its own inhabitants too many of which stick to the beaten track and miss the rich diversity of the London, showing the ebbs and flows of its thousand year struggle in the buildings and street names  that make it what it is.

What Brompton experience do you wish you had on film?

The thousand dusty sunrises I have seen rising over London when travelling from a to b but without enough time or appreciation to stop and capture them.

Are there any particular things you will be looking for when voting for your favourite video?

The intrigue and beauty that is under our nose yet we don’t see it.

Finally, who would win in a bike race between you, Guy Ritchie, Josh Berger and Lionel Wigram?

I think a tight call between Guy and I…….Brompton World Championship 2016 let’s find out!!!