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Posted on 01 September 2015

BWCUSA Racer Profile: Kasia and Ilya

Ilya and Kasia
Owners, Redbeard Bikes

Although Ilya and Kasia's Brooklyn-based bike shop - Redbeard Bikes - is only three years old, their ties to Brompton start from Day 1. 

"Brompton was our first phone call after we signed our lease," says Kasia.

Indeed, Ilya and Kasia not only sell Bromptons, but ride them regularly. "We've both raced road bikes - Ilya in high school and college, and me, this past summer - but we've never raced Bromptons before. This will be our first BWC, and we're excited to ride the Road Circuit in Richmond," Ilya said.

When asked if they'll coordinate outfits for the race, Kasia quickly quipped "No comment!"

Be on the lookout for more racer profiles in the coming weeks, and be sure to catch Ilya and Kasia whipping their way around the road circuit at the Brompton World Championship USA in Richmond on September 25th. See you there!

Ilya and Kasia, owners of Redbeard Bikes. Photo by Sam Polcer.

Kasia and Ilya at their shop, Redbeard Bikes. Photo by Sam Polcer.