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Posted on 08 September 2015

BWCUSA Racecourse Preview

#BWCUSA Racecourse Preview

The Brompton World Championship is only a few weeks away, and Bromptoneers across North America are training for the big day. This year, we are excited to host the #BWCUSA at one of the most unique locations the event has seen: The UCI Road World Championships professional road circuit. 

At 6:45pm on Friday, September 25th, the starting gun will fire into the Richmond sky, signaling the opening of the Brompton World Championship USA. Riders will race Le Mans style to their awaiting Bromptons before unfolding and racing the 10-mile course through downtown Richmond.

Working their way west towards Monument Avenue, Bromptoneers will race down the historic street that has been named one of the "10 Great Streets in the Country" - the only street in America listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Riders will then make a sharp 180-degree turn at the Jefferson Davis monument, heading towards the Uptown District and cycling through the Virginia Commonwealth University Campus.

Halfway through the circuit, Bromptoneers will cycle from sea-level up to the historic Church Hill neighborhood along what is sure to be a highlight of the race: the 200-meter cobbled climb known as "Libby Hill."

After a quick descent, several sharp, winding turns, and a 300-meter climb up Governor Street, Bromptoneers will race along a 680-meter false-flat to the finish line.

For a detailed course map and more information about the Road Circuit, visit the Richmond2015 course description and check out the preview video below: