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Posted on 14 July 2015

The BWC: Nutrition Tips for Race Day

Fuelling Yourself for the Brompton World Championship Final with Leon Restaurants

The Dos and The Don’ts of Eating Leading up to the race:


  • Increase your carbohydrate intake. You need the optimum glycogen levels in your muscles to give you the maximum amount of energy on the day, and you can start building it up before. 


  • Think that this means gorging on pasta for 5 days. There are carbohydrates in vegetables too, and much more nutrition.

The morning before the race:


  • Break your fast at least 45 minutes before the race. Throwing it up just isn’t good.
  • Eat something light, with complex carbohydrates. These are slow releasing, and give you more energy for longer. Porridge and bananas are both full of them, and the potassium in bananas also prevents cramping. If you don’t have time to make a packed brunch, get yourself a Porridge with Banana & Cinnamon from Leon. The dates in the purée also provide natural sugars that your body can turn into fuel quickly.


  • Eat anything too heavy, or too fatty. This is not the time for a Full English.
  • Rely on caffeine to boost your energy. 

After the race:


  • Congratulate yourself. Big time.
  • Try to eat within 30 minutes of getting off the bike – your body needs the energy straight away. Or, in slightly more technical terms, immediately after exercise your body is in glycogen-making overdrive as it tries to make up for all the glycogen you used whilst pedalling, so this is the prime time to feed it all the glucose it needs to make the good stuff.
  • Chow down on more carbohydrates, and proteins. Carbohydrates will provide this glucose to refuel your muscles, and protein is key to the growth and repair of your muscle tissue. 
  • If you’re not hungry, which is perfectly understandable given all the excitement and the people and the bikes, try to drink something full of protein such as milk.
  • There isn’t really anything you can’t do now. You just owned it.

LEON will be supplying products for our rider packs  at the BWC London Final

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