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23 October 2016

BWC Vienna 2016

Vienna, Austria

Sunday at 02:00 pm
This event has already passed
Wiener Fahrradschau @ Marx-Halle Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Wien
Vienna, Austria
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On Sunday, 23/10 the 5th Brompton World Championship | Vienna took place. This year the race was hosted by the Wiener Fahrradschau and so it was the highlight of one of the world’s leading cycle lifestyle fairs. 

Despite the season and the not perfect October weather racers from more than 8 nations found the way to Vienna where an unbelievable fast race attracted the visitors of the Wiener Fahrradschau.

The race track with its tight corners had to be completed 8 times and the leading group mastered the course under 20 min. which corresponds to an average speed of over 30 km/h. 

In the end Mark Emsley (UK) who was also the winner of the BWC Final in London this year won only 2 tenths of a second ahead of Simon Klima (AUT). 


Women adult:

1. Paula Seidler (GER) - 24:22,4

2. Miriam Schattner (GER) - 24:59,6

3. Sabine Apel (AUT) - 26:19,2

Men adult:

1. Mark Emsley (UK) - 19:47,0

2. Simon Klima (AUT) - 19:47,2

3. Yavor Mitev (UK) - 19:47,3

Women senior:

1. Eva Seidler (GER) - 27:40,7

Men senior:

1. Andreas Röderer (AUT) - 22:36,4

Folding contest:

1. Ivo Petrous (CZE)

2. David Hirzer (AUT)

3. Paula Seidler (GER)