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26 September 2015

BWC - Czech Republic 2015

Podivín, Czech Republic

Saturday at 12:00 pm
This event has already passed
Janův hrad
Podivín, Czech Republic
Show Map

70 Bromptoneers took part in the Brompton World Championship Czech Republic this year, with a further 300 spectating in the festival area. This years course encompassed a 8km track around the historic town of Lednice, which provided the perfect backdrop for some fierce racing!

Race Results 


1. Ivo Petrouš (14 min 57 s)

2. Jakub Polášek (15 min 51 s)

3. Tomáš Petrák (16 min 32 s)


1. Iva Černá (19 min 28 s)

2. Inna Stolyarčuk (19 min 31 s)

3. Dagmar Heiland Trávníková (19 min 43 s)

Fastest Veteran: Zdeněk Trávník 18 m 26 s

Folding Competition

Mens: Ivo Petrouš (7,488 s)
Womens: Veronika Banasová (11,144 s)

Best Dressed

Mens: Attila Takáts
Womens: Dagmar Heiland Trávníková
Avant-Garde Award: Michal Niroda a Aleš Řehák

This years race circuit