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A person stood behind a Brompton Electric in Turkish Green
Brompton Subscription - Supercharged
A limited quantity, now available on Subscription.

The Fully Serviced Brompton e-Bike Package


The world's most compact folding e-bike now available on Subscription. Supercharged for the city. Powered by smart technology developed with Williams Advanced Engineering.


From £135 per month.
This is fixed for the first 3 months, moving to a flexible, rolling contract thereafter.  

Ready to Ride
Like all Bromptons, our subscription bikes are hand-built and quality assured in our London Factory. Whether you’re on a daily journey or on a weekend adventure, with the Brompton Electric 70km range you can go where you need. At speeds of up to 25 kmh. The compact 250-kWh hub motor does the hard work for you. Choose from three levels of smart pedal assist. Start your ride. And feel the torque. The fine-tuned sensor in the bottom bracket knows exactly when to kick in (smoothly). So you can breeze up hills and cruise the flats.
A man riding a Brompton Electric on a river footpath
A man and a woman riding Brompton Electric bikes in a town centre
The Ultimate Test Ride
Curious about Electric? Trial on subscription for 3 months and see how it fits into your life. You can redeem up to £150 of your subscription fees against the cost of a new Brompton. Or £250 for Brompton Electric. It’s the ultimate trial. Call our Customer Service team on 0204 538 3225 to find out more.
Complete Care
All-inclusive servicing. No hidden costs. We'll keep your bike in tip-top condition with a full Brompton service every six months. We collect, deliver and provide a courtesy bike.
A mechanic inspecting a Brompton
An overhead shot of a man sat on a couch with a folded Brompton Electric beside him
Peace of Mind
Brompton Subscription gives you an insured Brompton bike, so you're covered for accidents and theft.

Be part of the limited Electric Subscription trial today.


Brompton Electric Subscription