The Orda Twins cycling Barcelona on Brompton Electric folding bikes The Orda Twins cycling Barcelona on Brompton Electric folding bikes

Tour Barcelona with the Orda Twins

A foodie paradise, Barcelona is a destination for people all over the world. We took a ride with the Orda Twins (@ordatwins) to discover their favourite haunts.

What’s a great neighbourhood to explore in Barcelona on your Brompton?

We would say Eixample because it is just as beautiful and not so touristy as the centre of Barcelona. We recommend Consell del Cent street - one of the best streets in Barcelona (open only for people walking and biking, no cars allowed!). The second neighborhood is Montjuic Hill- it's full of parks and cool hidden outdoor cafes/bars and you get a chance to see Barcelona from above.

Barcelona has so many amazing bike paths but our favorite is the one is along Barceloneta beach. You can enjoy the sea view but also palm trees and the W Hotel in the background.

Before you moved here, what was it about Barcelona that drew you to the city? What puts it ahead of other cities when deciding where to move?

Before deciding on where to move we decided that we wanted to do our master's degree abroad. And why Barcelona? This city has everything; beach, mountains, city life, it's international and it has an amazing culture.

Also, Barcelona is not a huge city that's why it's so easy to move around without public transport. It's easy to walk or bike everywhere.

You’re twins who travel and work together. What are some tips for navigating travel as a pair, especially when creating content together? Do you ever have creative disagreements about where to go or what to film?

That's true, we travel together and also work together. The most important thing while traveling with someone is communication. Before each trip, we plan it together so both of us are happy with the itinerary. It's also not that hard because we like the same things when it comes to traveling.

When it comes to filming content- we are a team, and we don't have creative disagreements since we have been collaborating for over 10 years. When we have different ideas for content we always discuss and try to agree on the best idea.

We also divide tasks- sometimes one of us is recording and the other one is editing and the other way around. It helps us to always stay motivated and to have fresh ideas all the time.


Barcelona is a foodie paradise. Do you have any recommendations for unique local markets or off-beaten-path restaurants? Maybe something most people don't know about when they come to Barcelona?

Thats true! Barcelona is a paradise for all foodies and it's full of hidden (amazing) restaurants and cafes. The best tapas in Barcelona you will find at ‘Perikete’ and ‘bar jai-ca’.


You both have a great sense of style, how do you each incorporate your flair into your outfits while exploring Barcelona on your Brompton Electric? Do your styles ever clash when filming your content?

Thank you! While recording we always try to have a simple outfit that will match the places we record. Sometimes we try to match, for example, if we are going to a cafe with a pink interior- then we will wear pink accessories or a top to match the vibe.

Our electric bikes are in really nice colours, which in our opinion are timeless, and not boring and they match our style 100%.

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