Dan Richards, known as The One Armed Wonder, riding a Brompton Electric Dan Richards, known as The One Armed Wonder, riding a Brompton Electric

Exploring London on a Brompton Electric

We speak to Dan Richards (@theonearmedwonder/) about his favourite cycle routes in London, the best coffee shops and what keeps him motivated.

If someone only had 24 hours to visit London, where would you recommend?

Start your day with a stroll through Shoreditch, grab a coffee and a slice of Neapolitan pizza at Bricklane, then head to Borough Market for an unforgettable sensory feast—imagine stepping into Diagon Alley with all sorts of delights from cheese to saucisson. Wrap up your visit with a trip to the historic museums in Kensington and Chelsea to soak in some culture and history.


What's a great neighbourhood to explore London on your Brompton?

Richmond and Barnes offer a fantastic mix of scenic views and quiet streets, perfect for a leisurely ride on a Brompton. If you're up for a longer adventure, head out to the Surrey Hills or Windsor for some fresh air and open roads.

Richmond Park is my top pick for a scenic bike path. It's not just the lush landscapes but also the wildlife that makes every ride there a refreshing escape from the urban rush.


What's your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

I love playing tourist in my own city, especially on a sunny day. Hopping on a bus, earpiece in, and learning new bits of history as I ride around, or heading out for a cycle in the countryside if I'm feeling active.

Do you have a favourite memory in London?

One of my favourite recent memories was coming back to London for a spontaneous meetup with friends post moving to the coast. We ended up filming some of my content together (for this video), laughing and catching up in a cafe and whilst riding—it was just perfect; a completely impromptu and unplanned adventure - but they're the best ones, right?

Spontaneity is the spice of life after all!

You're outspoken about being a coffee-aficionado. What's the best spot for peoplewatching with a coffee in London?

For a top-notch people-watching spot, I'd recommend the Fortitude Bakehouse. It's not just the coffee that's fantastic, but the lively atmosphere the Morning Buns (my absolute favourite) makes it perfect for soaking in the local vibe. Equally Brickwood in Balham and Trailside Coffee in Balham just off Tooting Bec Common are great!


Your story is inspiring; how do you use your platform to motivate others to overcome challenges and embrace an active lifestyle?

Thank you, I [like to] use my platform to show that our limitations do not define us. By sharing my journey and how I embrace life's challenges—whether it's through cycling or daily living—I hope to inspire others to see beyond their limitations, embrace the friction, and keep pushing forward.


Do you have any message of motivation that you use yourself that might help others?

A favourite mantra of mine is from a Denzel Washington speech: 'Fall down seven times, get up eight.' It reminds me that persistence is key, and to ignore the naysayers, as Schwarzenegger says. Surround yourself with positivity, integrity and you'll move mountains.


Electric bikes are a fun and sustainable way to get around. Do you have any favourite routes that combine scenic views, interesting cafes, and eco-friendly transportation?

A ride through Kensington, before heading over one of the bridges stopping at cafes or coffee vans, like Trailside Coffee, then weaving through the quiet streets to end up at a scenic spot back by the river, is my idea of a perfect e-bike route.

Soho never fails to surprise me; I recently discovered a family-run Italian restaurant tucked away just off Piccadilly but before Berwick Street. It’s moments like these—finding hidden gems while exploring on my e-bike—that really make each ride special.


For someone considering switching to an e-bike in London, what are some of the biggest advantages you've experienced, focusing on exploring the city and getting around efficiently?

The biggest advantages include the ease of getting around without breaking a sweat, fantastic for commuting without needing a change of clothes. Plus, the extended range over a traditional bike means I can cover more of the city effortlessly, you just have to ensure your battery's charged the night before, but let's be honest, it's no different to charging your phone overnight!


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