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Product description

The new Brompton Flexi-mudguards. 75-gram weather protection, front and back. Made from single-sheet Priplak ®.100% recycled. 100% recyclable. 100% reusable. Folds with your bike like tough origami.

From first handmade prototype to testing with customers across the board, Brompton engineers made sure the new Flexi-Mudguards do exactly what they need to. Durable, lightweight and reusable weather protection that you can fit yourself. The only tool required is a pair of household scissors. Efficiently packaged in a letterbox-friendly size – the mudguard set comes with instructions, frame protection stickers and cable ties, including spares for re-attachment.

Product Specification

  • Fits on all Brompton A Line and Brompton C Line Models
  • Flexibility to use in wet season and remove in dry
  • Fit yourself with a pair of household scissors (not supplied)
  • Colour: Black