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Home is Elsewhere: 50 years around the world by bike


Product description

Heinz Stücke is back where he started: in Hövelhof, the German village he happily cycled away from half a century ago. He visited 196 countries, got through 21 passports, and ended up with a tidy number of 100,000 photos to sort out. He came across Pelé, got pocket money from Haile Selassie, and even slept under the arms of Christ the Redeemer. He cycled more than 648.0000 kilometers, most of them on an ordinary gents' bike, and spent the final five years of his trip on a Brompton folding bike. Dutch travel writer Eric van den Berg visited Heinz to get an answer to that most pressing question: why? Heinz 'just wanted to see it all'. His philosophy of 'home is elsewhere' comes thorough in his daily routines, unexpected encounters and inevitable mishaps of an adventurist and 'Einzelganger'.